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Our Story

Beauty, Skin, & What's Within.

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The Beauty Bond is a small esthetic salon started by two best friends who also happen to be licensed estheticians and makeup artists. The two owners Alyssa and Kara met while working together at Sephora as makeup artists. They quickly connected and created a lasting bond.  After years of working together on several freelance jobs, the two women decided it was time to build up this bond.  That's when they opened The Beauty Bond in May of 2021!  The Beauty Bond now consists of a whole team of amazing women who specialize in bridal hair and makeup and are spectacular at making big moments seem stress-less and seamless. The Beauty Bond is small but mighty! Scroll down and learn a little about each of these ladies!

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5763 Talmadge Rd. Suite D Rm E1 
Toledo, Ohio 43623

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