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Talent in Toledo series: Photographers

Makeup Artists and Photographers are like peanut butter and jelly; you can have each separately but they are SO GOOD together! As a Makeup Artist, I've worked closely with many local photographers. I've learned what makes a great photographer, even picking up the art/skill myself!

Photography is so much more than pointing a camera at an object and pressing a button. It's combines artistic and technical skills. Photographers have to consider the technical aspects of the camera, lighting, and other equipment while simultaneously understanding how to manipulate each feature to bring their ideas to fruition. Being a Makeup Artist has bestowed upon me a deeper understanding of photography and I want to share that with all of you!

This isn't all of the talented Photographers in Toledo but it's a good start, so without further adieu:

Alexis Lecurgo Photography:

Alexis Lecurgo had an interest in photography from an early age. She began her journey as a photographer in high school, then formalized her career path by studying commercial photography at Owens Community College. During her studies, Alexis gained the skills and confidence to start her business and has been actively photographing portraits and weddings. Alexis is a DREAM to work with! She's fun, yet professional, extremely talented, and just makes everyone feel comfortable around her. Her photos are crisp and she has a way of capturing just the right moment. You'd really be doing yourself a favor by working with Alexis Lecurgo Photography!

Contact Alexis Lecurgo Photography-

Phone Number- (419) 356-6581

Instagram- @alexis_lecurgo_photography


Wandering Wolf Photography-


Who is this lone wandering wolf you may be asking? Even if you're not asking, I'm going to tell you anyways. His name is Lang and he's freaking TALENTED. He has that thing, the thing that really makes a person special. I've worked alongside Lang many times and I still don't understand how he captures his model's beauty the way he does. No matter the model; if it's a house, a family, a loving couple, or even a chicken! You'll be asking yourself why you think that chicken is so darn beautiful. He's a hard worker, working as an ER nurse with photography as his passion. This may not be his full-time career but I promise you; if you can get a booking with him, you will be thankful for the opportunity.

Contact Wandering Wolf at-


Flutterby Photography by Dee-

Flutterby Photography is a husband and wife team that has been shooting for over 20 years with 40 years combined experience! Creativity flows out of this dynamic duo. I've left every photo shoot with them inspired. They are skilled in all areas of photography. They will be able to capture all the special moments; from your wedding day to the birth of your child, or even a session with your furry family members! Work with them and I know you'll leave happy and inspired too.

Contact Flutterby Photography by Dee-

Phone Number- (567) 694-8163

Facebook- @flutterbydee

Instagram- @flutterbyphotographybydee

Mikayla Russell Photo-

Mikayla's work speaks for itself, but I can't help but say a few words myself. Her work is BRILLIANT; technically and visually. Her photos are vivid and breathtaking. Besides her talent, she's also just a really cool person to work with. Mikayla can do it all; from editorial/commercial to family photos to senior pictures. I highly recommend Mikayla for all of your photography needs!

Contact Mikayla at-

Facebook- @mikaylarussellphoto

Instagram- @mikaylarussellphoto

Ben Baker-

Ben is one of the most creative, motivated, and talented Photographers that I know! I've been lucky enough to be a part of his photo shoots and see his visions come to fruition. Ben will do anything to get the right shot; whether that's climbing on a building, laying on the ground, scaling a wall, he's GOING to get that shot. The experience is one of a kind. I highly recommend Ben because not only is he a great photographer, he's also a great human.

Contact Ben Baker at:

Twitter- @Benjamixn

Instagram- @nosrslywherearetheavocados

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