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Makeup Sanitation and Safety During Covid-19


Being clean and sanitary has always been TOP priority here at AllyCat Artistry. Sanitation is embedded in my character having gone through school to become a licensed Esthetician. However, Covid-19 is still bringing on a few changes to my policies and habits. My most important job has always been to keep my clients safe and satisfied. Makeup Artists really get up close and personal with their clients, without proper sanitation we could easily contaminate our kits and spread communicable diseases! Sanitation is the number one priority in my mind, because this ensures your safety as my client.

This blog is to update all of my clients on what I'm doing to remain safe, clean, and sanitary, during this global pandemic. The cleaning practices below have always been in practice here at AllyCat Artisty, besides the addition of certain sanitary equipment (i.e. masks).


Here are my cleaning and sanitizing practices used to ensure your safety:

1. Before setting up my makeup station I ALWAYS wipe down all surfaces with 70% alcohol or disinfectant wipes.

2. I wash my hands for 30 seconds before beginning your service. 

3. Hand sanitizer is used in addition to washing my hands. I sanitize my hands before starting the service and in between clients. 

4. My station is set on top of new paper towel sheets to ensure that nothing in my kit comes into contact with outside surfaces. This includes everything from palettes, brushes, tissues, etc.

5. All brushes are washed with soap and hot water. No brush is used on more than one person.

6. All tools are sanitized, from tweezers to lash curlers.

7.There is no double-dipping directly into beauty products to avoid contamination.

8. I always scrape/scoop products onto a clean, disinfected metal palette for use.

9.. I never apply mascara or lipstick/gloss on you right out of the tube.

10.. When applying mascara or lipstick/gloss, I always use new, disposable mascara or lip wands for each application, and NO double-dipping.

11. I wipe down all products before packing my kit and after completing a job. This keeps from cross-contaminating other products inside of my kit. 

12. Until further notice, as a COVID-19 safety precaution I will wear a mask during services and limit the number of people permitted in my work area.


Per the State Board of Cosmetology, all professionals are to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines and I will be following these until further notice. If I begin to exhibit any signs or symptoms of illness and you have an appointment with me, I will be notifying you to reschedule the appointment. Likewise, if you have an appointment and begin to exhibit signs of illness, I will not be able to carry out your service. Please contact me at to reschedule your appointment. My cancellation fee will be waived in this situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this trying time. I forever appreciate your trust in me. I look forward to making the rest of 2020 a beautiful year together! Please email me if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them. Stay safe and wash those hands!

Sending love from AllyCat Artistry <3


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