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5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Makeup Artist!

Ok so being a Makeup Artist sure sounds like a lot of fun right? Get paid to do makeup all day, be around pretty, sparkly things, live in big cities, work with models, top talent agencies, photographer, actors, etc. Sounds glamorous AF. So what's the problem, you may be asking?

Becoming a Makeup Artist is MUCH more complicated than it sounds, and that's just the beginning! Working as a full-time Makeup Artist, I can give all of you inspiring mua's a little advice before you dive in lashes first.

So here are the 5 Things To Know Before Becoming a Makeup Artist:

1. Startup is EXPENSIVE.

To become a Makeup Artist, you're going to need a professional kit. This means that you'll need all of the supplies required for any basic makeup application. I'll be writing a blog on actually becoming a Makeup Artist that will be more in-depth, but for now a quick rundown:

A makeup case, professional makeup chair, lighting (think, ring light), all sanitary supplies/disposable applicators (SO IMPORTANT), obviously makeup(variety for all skin tones/types), brushes/other tools, makeup remover, mirrors, etc. This is barely the tip of the iceberg, there are also legal fees if you want to be a legit business, never mind the cost of advertising this business.


Forget the saying "location, location, location" As a Makeup Artist it's ALL about sanitation. The very first purchase for your kit after makeup should be sanitary supplies and disposables! For example: Cotton pads, mascara wands, lip wands, cotton tips, makeup remover wipes, hand sanitizer, spray alcohol, tissues, among others.

Cool, you purchased your sanitary supplies. Now you need to practice sanitation throughout your service! Spray down your service area with alcohol and lay down tissues as a clean surface for all of your products. Sanitize your hands before touching your clients face. You can offer your client some hand sanitizer as well. Always make sure that your palettes/products are clean and sanitary as well. Sanitize them after every single client. Always keep trash cans nearby to dispose of everything properly.

I think you get the point, as a Makeup Artist you need to turn into a GERMAPHOBE.

3. Advertising is like 65% of the job.

I really wish I knew this when I started my business. I knew NOTHING about marketing myself and how to advertise my business. Most of my days are spent promoting my work on EVERY social media platform, on google, on my website, in person (handing out business cards, word of mouth, etc) , paying for ads on multiple websites, creating your own website, seeking out professionals in the industry and promoting yourself to them, SO MUCH ADVERTISING.

It's worth the hard work though, as a small fish in a giant pond you have to be dedicated and bust your booty to get your name out there. So don't be ashamed, there's nothing wrong with self-promotion. GET THAT MONEY.

4.Learn that you have so much more to LEARN.

To those just starting out, who have only ever done their own makeup, I mean no offense when I say "Get ready, because you know NOTHING." Seriously, applying makeup to someone else's face is SO different from applying it to your own. You will have to learn how to apply makeup on every skin color, tone, type, face shape, eye shape, etc. When I started out, many years ago, I didn't realize how difficult and fundamental this would be!

Understanding face shape and how to flatter every bone structure takes time and practice. I highly recommend practicing on your friends and family before taking ANY clients. Learn what their face shapes are, feel and look at their skin to determine to skin types, learn what colors look good/bad on different skin colors. I can't stress this enough!

5. Love what you do, It's corny but true(I rhymed!)

Have FUN! I know it's overwhelming and a lot less about applying beautiful makeup than you may have thought, but it's still fun! To be successful as a Makeup Artist, you need to have passion for it. You must love being creative, innovative, and dedicated.

This is a really stressful career and one that can easily burn you out. Take time to yourself to remind yourself why you wanted to pursue this career in the first place. Stay informed of new makeup techniques, products, tools. Let other professionals inspire you! Enjoy every fast-paced moment, try not to get caught up in the whirlwind so that you can feel every accomplishment and every smiling face you see in that mirror.


Love yourself, love your art, love your success, and learn from your failures. Now go out there and share your art with everyone you can!

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